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  Founded in June, 2004, Xiangyang Sunrise Machinery Co., Ltd. is a joint venture invested by Dongfeng Motor Corporation, Guangzhou Sunrise Machinery Co., Ltd. Xiangyang Jisheng Machinery Co., Ltd. and a natural person from Taiwan with a registered capital of ¥50 million. Covers an area of 11 million square meters, in Shiyan, Wuhan, Dalian to have three joint venture subsidiary, respectively Xiangyang Sunrise (Shiyan) Machinery Co., Ltd., Wuhan Dongtai Sheng Machinery Co., Ltd., Dalian Yousheng  Machinery Co., Ltd.Xiangyang Sunrise is a professional manufacturer producing stamping parts and welding parts for automobiles. In addition, it develops dies, jigs and inspection tools for small and medium parts. Xiangyang Sunrise has a high-level professional technical team. Its products mainly aim at the domestic market, some are also sold in oversaes markets.
  Xiangyang Sunrise sticks to the company spirit of Union, Diligence, Pragmatism, and Innovation. It has introduced advanced management modes and established comprehensive management systems for new product development, product quality control, marketing, etc.
  Xiangyang Sunrise has passed the certification of ISO9001 Quality System, ISO14001 Environment Management System and ISO/TS16949 Auto Products Quality System, laying solid roots for the rapid development in future.
  Xiangyang Sunrise focuses on providing auto parts & components for high-end passenger vehicles and serving famous motor companies. After years of endeavor, it has become a respectable company and has a good reputation among the clients. Xiangyang Sunrise cooperates with many famous motor companies, such as Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Company, Dongfeng Nissan Passenger Vehicle Company, and Dongfeng Automobile  Co., Ltd., providing auto parts & components for middle-end and high-end passenger vehicles, all kinds of commercial vehicles, etc.
   In the past several years, Xiangyang Sunrise has made great progress in equipment, technology and talent cultivation. The development process of the products is becoming more and more standardized. It will study advanced experiences from famous companies so that it can be on a faster-growth track to one of the most powerful domestic manufacturers producing stamped parts and welded parts for automobiles.

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